Al Azimah For Technology aims to provide top quality products to all Military and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the region, in addition to supplying them with international renowned brands that meet both local and international standards. Moreover, Al Azimah seeks to find practical and effective solutions for projects in order to create a safe environment locally and regionally.

Al Azimah has projects and activities that expand throughout the MENA region to cover the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Area. The company manages contracts and supervises both governmental and private commercial projects.


Al Azimah provides solutions and products for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies that involves:

• Basic & Professional Training.
• Operational & In Action Products, Solutions and Logistics.
• After Action Review & Improvement Solutions.


Al Azimah Range Of Services within the MENA Region:

• Security analysis and critical requirements.
• Design, Consultation & Integration of Live Fire and Virtual Ranges & Training Facilities.
• Sales & Marketing of High Tech. Equipment & Tactical Gear.
• Providing Premium High Caliber Ammunition.
• Management of operational training programs.
• Construction Management.
• After Sales Services & Support.