Al Azimah for Technology


The word “Al Azimah” in Arabic means “the determination and will”, which reflects the entire concept fundamental to our business strategy, implementation and support.
Al Azimah for Technology is a Jordanian‐based company founded and headquartered in Amman- Jordan with two decades of professional experience gained from our ancestors and the knowledge of the descendants. Our strive for continuous development and expansion, along with Al Azimah’s strong international commercial relationships granted the company the exclusive representation to provide state‐of‐the‐art technology.

The combination of senior executive experience mentoring a young and developing staff discloses the prominent role in highlighting the company’s potential. The company has recruited retired Senior Executive Law Enforcement and Military Officials with years of experience, in addition to recruiting young and ambitious personnel.

At Al Azimah, we emphasize diversity by providing women with the opportunity to undertake leading roles in implementing and managing major projects. This combination of hard‐working and experienced individuals has provided international companies with the confidence to grant Al Azimah the exclusive representation for major brands within the region.